Bill Murray, Zac Efron, and Russell Crowe set film in Hudson County


Bill Murray was spotted in North Bergen on the morning of November 5 – and is just one of the few A-List actors, including Zac Efron and Russell Crowe, filming and expected to be involved in the production of the movie. The greatest beer race of all time.

The film is directed by Oscar winner Peter Farrelly famous for his comedies and dramas such as Dumb and even dumber, There is something about Marie, and Green book. Farrelly is shooting the film locally in Jersey City, North Bergen and Weehawken – as well as Thailand.

According to a source on the set, Zac Efron and Bill Murray had already finished filming the day we pulled up, but they were due to return to North Bergen the next day. Filming in North Bergen is scheduled to end on Saturday, November 6, continue on the Weehawken waterfront on the same day, and then end in Jersey City over the next two weeks.

About the cinema

The film, which will be distributed by Apple TV +, is an adaptation of a memoir of the same name set in New York and Vietnam. Zac Efron stars as John “Chickie” Donohue, 26, a Marine Corps veteran, who left New York in 1967 and sneaked into Vietnam to bring beer to his childhood friends who fought during the war. war. It is based on a true story written by Donohue and his friend JT Malloy.

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greatest beer run ever movie zac efron bill murray russell crowe north bergen

Remembered, Donohue spent eight weeks in Vietnam delivering beer to his friends and other soldiers in combat, including his friends from Inwood in Vietnam. He carried a list of six names with him on his trip to Vietnam and overcame many difficult situations, including being stranded in Saigon, to make sure troops knew they were supported. He was able to find four of his friends; one had returned home and the other had unfortunately been killed in action.

greatest beer run ever movie zac efron bill murray russell crowe north bergen

The Hoboken girl The team stopped by the Brass Rail Pub on 76th Street and Bergenline Avenue in North Bergen to get inside information. The exterior of the building was visibly remodeled and renamed Doc Fiddler’s Pub, a place Donohue frequented in Inwood that exuded a ’60s vibe.

greatest beer run ever movie zac efron bill murray russell crowe north bergen

76th Street has been changed to West 207th Street and Vermilyea Avenue, the New York intersection located in Inwood, where there is now a supermarket around the corner. Onlookers surrounded the set hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars, and many classic cars of the era could be seen parked outside the pub.

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