Best Games to Play on Roblox 2022 – Play Horror, Anime and More

Roblox has been entertaining users for over 15 years with all the awesome games on their platform. The game has a solid user base that is constantly growing, all thanks to the huge collaborations they have done in the past and continue to focus on growth. On this free platform, users can also create their own games using Roblox Studio.

As there are a large number of games available on the platform, it is very difficult for a new user to decide where to start, but we are here to help. In this article, we’ve covered all the different categories from horror to anime games and racing to simulation so you can easily select the best game for yourself.

Best Anime Games on Roblox

Below we have mentioned the best Anime games on Roblox, so if you love playing Anime games then you will definitely love them.

Shindo life

Love to explore and fight then this Anime game can be a great choice for you because in this game you have to move and fight with the companions by learning different skills and increasing your stats. On the map of this game you can discover many resources which are hidden in different places so run or fly but find the resources to grow.

Your Bizarre Adventure

You can find a number of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure games, but if you want the best of them, Your Bizarre Adventure is the best and the main attraction of the game is the large list of unlockable supports and the fighting style.

Best Simulation Games on Roblox

Below we have mentioned the best Simulator games on Roblox, so if you love playing Simulator games then you will definitely love them.

Pilot Training Flight Simulator

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot or love to fly? This simulation game can give you the feeling of a pilot. The game is one of the oldest games available on the Roblox platform and over time it has grown and added many planes in the game. In this game you can fly some of the most famous planes such as huge commercial jets, two-seater props, and more.

Animal swarm simulator

Have you ever seen Pokemon, then this Pet Swarm Simulator game will give you the feeling of Pokemon because in this game there are so many different creatures available in the world which hatch from eggs, and you have to collect different eggs and collect eggs you have to defeat the enemies you can find in the different areas of the map?

When you are done with the many creatures in your bag, you can combine them to create a very rare creature, so start your journey today and enjoy the game.

The best horror games on Roblox

Below we have mentioned the best horror games on Roblox, so if you like to play horror games, you will definitely love them.

The haunted imperial hotel

I think you can guess the theme of the game just by reading the name, yes you guessed it right. In this game you have to explore a haunted hotel which people think is an entrance to hell, and also the hotel was closed in 2009 due to the building collapse.

The mirror

The game is very simple but scary, based on real psychological phenomena. This one won’t disappoint you as all you have to do is solve the obstacle course with scary sounds and images in the background. So be ready to experience the simple yet crispest game available on the Roblox.

The best racing games on Roblox

Below we have mentioned the best racing games on Roblox so if you love playing racing games then you will definitely love them.

Ultimate drive: Delancy Gorge

The is fully compatible with mobiles, pc and laptops, and with over 138 million hits, the game is one of the best car games on Roblox, the game is actually a series of games but among the other games. Delancy Gorge is the most beautiful where you have to explore things with your friends and family.

Vehicle Legends

This is a racing game in which you can customize your vehicle to make it look great like you can apply paints, skins, kits and many more things. Most modifications to your vehicle will take place in the Tuning Facility, located across the street. And when you drive the car you will earn money for it and if you buy the pass or join the group your earnings will double.

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