Astrology.TV Free Astrology Reading Reviews – Should You Buy The Mini Movie?

Longtime professional astrologer Kelli Fox has launched a website where she offers free readings. When visiting the website, we were asked for our respective zodiac signs (i.e. Aries, Taurus, Libra, etc.). This unlocked a three-step read, which covered a brief intro, ghost read, and makeshift read.

First, individuals will see a map of the sky of the constellations, stars, and planets within them and how humans fit into the realm of astrology. At the end of this stage, individuals will find themselves thinking about their life purpose. After entering your first name and date of birth, Kelli begins phantom reading. At this stage, it will reveal any blockages preventing individuals from realizing their dreams. Specifically, it elaborates on the concept of life purpose, how a person’s characteristics will help improve the lives of others, and different aspects of personal life.

Finally, his free reading ends with a Fortune Reading. Kelli spends a considerable amount of time discussing the pros, cons, and areas that need work. At this point, individuals will also discover their planet-sign placement, possible riches that were provided on their birthday, passions, sacred for good fortune, and what the future entails.

The main question everyone will ask is, “What are the steps to getting in sync with your true self?” Kelli Fox believes she can guide individuals to realize why they were put on Earth. Interested in learning more about Kelli’s processes? The purpose of his website is to feature the Personal Power Reading mini-movie.

What is the Personal Power Reading mini-movie?

The Personal Power Reading Mini-Movie is a unique 30-minute personal movie designed to reveal life-transforming hidden truths to people. Individuals will become more aware of their special gifts and powers by accepting these truths. Additionally, people might find themselves breathing sighs of relief after discovering their purpose on Earth, why certain phenomena have taken shape, and how they represent a fraction of the larger plan. With this basic understanding in mind, let’s get to the discoveries to be made.

What is there to discover through the Personal Power Reading mini-film?

A fortune reading presented through the Personal Power Reading mini-film will enlighten individuals on:

  • Planetary Power and a Simple Trick That Will Surely Triple Your Chances of Success
  • Detailed personal destiny to manifest the full potential of one’s soul
  • Methods that help reprogram the mind for success
  • Personalized shortcuts that uncover unfair advantages in everyday life
  • How to Manifest the Luckiest, Happiest, and Most Abundant Life
  • How to work with the Universe, not against it
  • Tools that help align with your life purpose
  • Tips for zodiac signs that eliminate stress and build confidence
  • The Biggest Cosmic Blocks That Hold People Back And Their Superiority Over Shadow

What does each purchase of a Personal Power Reading mini-film include?

Purchasing a Personal Power Reading mini movie also includes these four bonuses:

  • Reading my past life
    • My Past Life Reading is a video reading that highlights their past lives and the preventative measures that will reduce the risk of re-engaging them.
  • Calendar of my best days
    • My Best Days Calendar is a special astrologer planner that highlights each person’s best days of each month. This has been provided to help individuals plan ahead to achieve the best possible results.
  • My romantic roadmap
    • My Romance Roadmap is an e-book that reveals true compatibility between zodiac signs.
  • My Prosperity Plan
    • My Prosperity Blueprint is an eBook that explores ways to improve your career and finances based on zodiac sign.

How much does the Personal Power Reading mini-movie cost?

The Personal Power Reading mini-movie and all bonus material is currently on offer for $37. Plus, it’s backed by a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If Kelli’s readings and advice are not compelling or convincing, customer service may be contacted for a full refund of the purchase price. For more information on the refund policy, please email customer service at [email protected].

How to get started with Kelli Fox’s astrology reading?

To access the free reading, visit the website. This is a great way to see if the initial readings provided by Kelli align with events that have happened and are currently happening in your life. If so, individuals may want guidance from their personalized reading on how to pave the right path to happiness, fortune, and well-being.

Meet Kelli Fox

Kelli Fox is a 30-year-old accredited professional astrologer from Australia. Drawn to this world very early in his childhood, his very first attempt to record birthdates and sun signs for everyone was when he was 8 years old. According to her, astrology is a universal language through which individuals can learn about their unique elements and how they can be further developed. Since then, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people find happiness and peace using astrology as a daily guidance tool. Using a synastric astrological chart, she can identify the crossroads of many people that they continue to find themselves in today. Hence the reason why she created and launched her website.

According to the official website, astrology.TV was created to provide “highly accurate and personalized astrology information and reports delivered primarily via video. [Kelli] is constantly working on new technologies, creating the opportunity for its community to immediately and inexpensively access personalized readings or forecasts by video.

final verdict

In the end, free astrology reading is only the first step towards self-development. By understanding its roadmap and the blockages that prevent people from realizing their value and power, appropriate concrete steps can be taken to achieve maximum wealth and happiness. Kelli Fox would love the opportunity to guide everyone on their respective journey seeing how inimitable everyone’s life purpose is, therefore requiring the personalized help that the 30-year-old expert most likely has under her sleeves.

The Personal Power Reading mini-movie covers all possible angles of attack to ensure a life free of stress, doubts, regrets and financial worries. Learning what the Universe has in store for us and aligning ourselves with it is too complex a concept to embark on alone. At least individuals have the learning curve sorted through the mini-movie, and it all costs $37! For more on astrology.TV and Kelli Fox’s personal power mini-movie, visit the website today!


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