Astrological Predictions for Pokémon Legends: Arceus Creatures

The time has come!

Scheduled to be one of the biggest releases in video game and media history, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is poised to take the world by storm.

As the world’s highest-grossing media franchise – worth $100 billion since its inception in 1996 – the Nintendo and Game Freak-owned series is set to innovate with a whole new twist on the ” gotta catch ’em all” that made him so famous in the first place.

Known as a media empire that includes games, TV, movies, anime, books, manga, music, merchandise and more, the franchise is ready for Pokémon Legends: Arceus to breathe new life into it. new life. Whether you’re a fan of Ash Ketchum, Pikachu or one of the recent games – such as Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl – and enjoy playing through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola or Galar, other journeys await you!

Luke James – one of the rising voices of geekdom in America and a Pokémon veteran – spoke exclusively to me and The Post to help create the definitive list of Hisuian Pokémon that align with astrology and the zodiac. . (Follow Luke James for all things hot.)

What should we know about the creatures you chose to identify with each zodiac sign in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

“This game is epic – and the new Hisuian forms are unique to the region. Hisui is the land of the Pokémon planet that existed before the continent was called Sinnoh. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is set in the past, and in order to celebrate the release of the new game, Nintendo has decided to give us what we want: variants of some truly amazing creatures. In this article, I wanted to work with Hisuian variants only. I took all the information I have could find, I used some of my inside knowledge about the game and created this list for everyone, I would love to hear what people have to say while playing the game.”

Get ready for the New York Post’s exclusive list of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and find out which creature aligns perfectly with your zodiac sign!


Kleavor bonds with an Aries.

NAME: Kleavor

TYPE: Bug/Rock

Kleavor, the new evolution of Scyther, is an aggressive Pokemon that wields its crude axes with pride as it flies towards you at alarming speeds. Being the first of many Noble Pokémon in the game, it is ready to face any battle head-on with any enemy willing to face it. Aries, like Kleavor, is very impulsive and aggressive, ready to take on any task.


Pokemon Legends Ursaluna: Arceus
Ursaluna embodies a Taurus.

NAME: Ursalune

TYPE: Normal/Earth

Ursaluna, a newly discovered evolution of our beloved Ursaring, adapted to Hisui’s harsh environment and in doing so became one of her province’s Alphas. Despite Ursaluna’s beefy new physique, this Normal/Ground Pokémon is immensely strong but stubborn like an ox or a bull. Many Taurus possess a life force like this supreme beast of a Pokemon.


Braviary Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Braviary harnesses the mind of a Gemini.

NAME: Hisuian Braviary

TYPE: Psychic/Flying

One of the fastest birds in its region, the Hisuian Braviary gets impatient if it gets stuck in one place for too long. This Pokémon loves to soar into the sky and move where the wind takes it, just like a Gemini. Braviarys are also very vocal and love to let out a bloodcurdling cry when on the hunt. Like Braviary, Geminis are very spontaneous and always want to take off in vast new directions at all times.


Hisuian Goodra Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Hisuian Goodra reflects a Cancer.

NAME: Hisuian Goodra

TYPE: Dragon/Steel

Hisiuan Goodra has now donned a shell on his back, and with this shell, he has the ability to control how hard he wants his guard to be. The Goodras are extremely clingy to their trainer and have a love-hate relationship with loneliness. When attached to a trainer, he will lash out if he leaves him or if something terrible happens to that person. The protective nature of this Pokémon is very similar to that of a Cancer.


Pokemon Legends Hisuian Arcanine: Arceus
Hisuian Arcanine is perfectly connected to a Leo.

NAME: Hisuian Arcanine

TYPE: Fire/Rock

The Hisuian Arcanines are amazing and majestic creatures that are known to sit atop mountains, overlooking their realm. During heavy snowstorms, the Arcanines are known to be compassionate and helpful to lost travelers and will help guide them to safety. Confident yet bold, Hisuian Arcanine aligns deeply with Leos.


Pokemon Legends Hisuian Lilligant: Arceus
Hisuian Lilligant is the symbol of Virgo.

NAME: Hisiuan Lilligant

TYPE: Grass/Fighting

Unlike Lilligant’s original form, Hisuian Lilligant developed well-developed legs due to navigating the vast and difficult expanse of the Hisui region. Despite his newfound beauty, Lilligant can punch (or rather kick) any enemy that threatens him. In doing so, Lilligant has developed a fairly loyal relationship with his coaches, closely mirroring the resilience of a Virgo.


Pokemon Legends in Love: Arceus
Lovers echoes a Libra.

NAME: Lovers

TYPE: Fairy/Flying

Seductive and beautiful, this new Pokémon is known to charm everyone and everything it encounters. As it is known to cause winter, it can bring sharp ice and snow to the Hisui region. Enamorus, hailing from this great land, fuels so much love and protection in the climate that he breathes new life into all of Hisui. Like Enamorus, Libras exude enchanting skills.


Hisuian Zoroark is a Scorpio.  Pokemon
Hisuian Zoroark is a Scorpio.

NAME: Hisuian Zoroark

TYPE: Normal/Ghost

Although immensely aggressive and intimidating, this Pokémon of illusion has the ability to drive a stranger mad with terror. However, Zoroark has a soft spot for everyone in his inner circle and will go out of his way to keep him safe. This same ferocity greatly aligns with Scorpio.


Pokemon Legends Wyrdeer: Arceus
Sagittarius most closely aligns with Wyrdeer.

NAME: Wyrdeer

TYPE: Normal/Psychic

Sagittarius and Wyrdeer are both extremely adventurous and free-spirited. There isn’t a place in the world where Wyrdeer can be stopped from walking. The Wyrdeer are spontaneous and fast, having very few limitations when it comes to traversing the land of Hisui.


Sneasler is a Capricorn.

NAME: Sneasler

TYPE: Poison/Fighting

Sneasler is a very formidable and strategic opponent. With his newfound ability to expel deadly toxins from his claws, Sneasler becomes an extremely powerful heavyweight. Cautious, cold, and calculated, this docile Pokémon is able to traverse any terrain and, like a Capricorn, is able to climb any mountain it sets its eyes on as long as it focuses its ambition.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus—Hisuian Voltorb
Hisuian Voltorb is the symbol of Aquarius.

NAME: Hisuian Voltorb

TYPE: Lawn/Electric

Hisuian Voltorb’s anatomy is strangely mechanical, like a Pokéball. When threatened, Voltorb springs into action and can channel enough energy comparable to 20 lightning bolts simultaneously. This makes it a devastating and explosive opponent. Aquarians, like Voltorbo, are very calculated and possess a logical and detached nature.


Pokemon Legends Toggle Region: Arceus
Pisces is connected to a Basculegion.

NAME: Basculegion

TYPE: Water/Ghost

Basculegion is imbued with strength and perseverance. Bonded to the souls of those they lost before them, Basculegion is one of the lucky few who manages to survive their journey upstream. Basculegion is seen jumping streams and rivers, beaming with joy after a difficult task accomplished. Despite its appearance, the Basculegion are kind and sensitive, as well as nostalgic. Pisces exudes a similar mystical nature.

Special thanks to Luke James for collaborating with me on this article! Also, be sure to check which national Pokémon matches your zodiac sign!

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