Astrological predictions 2021: what will happen in 2021 with Brexit and the coronavirus?


Aquarius is all about technology, and schools and universities can connect online instead.

Ann-Louise said: “Aquarius loves complex ideas, so the world of online learning is poised to grow exponentially as universities improve their virtual game by offering their sophisticated subject curriculum to anybody. person with a computer. “

We will also be forced to be more independent and adaptable.

She added: “A ‘new normal’ will mean people embrace new ways of working that give them more freedom, possibly getting paid per project, rather than spending time at a desk or ‘at work’. “

Ann-Louise said: “It will be easier to understand that we, like the virus, have to adapt creatively and yet unfathomably.

“This is the real dawn of the Age of Aquarius and all that is virtual, digital, philosophical, and communal will certainly flourish, and the hardest part is the confusion and letting go.”

Tired of working from home? Sadly, 2021 may not see us all return to the office.

Ann-Louise explained, “Going to an office or workplace every day is very Capricorn and will soon be a thing of the past.

“As much as the Dowager Duchess of Downton Abbey asked ‘what’s a weekend? “Workers will also adapt their schedules for a better work-life balance that would have been unthinkable before Covid.”

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