American stupidity, selfishness bring back coronavirus and CDC mask recommendation – Dakota Free Press


Many thanks, Anti-Vax neighbors. Because of your idleness, lying, and lack of thoughtfulness to the Community and science, those of us who have consistently sacrificed for over a year and got our shots as soon as possible, hoping to wipe out this pandemic, must put our masks back on to fight the Delta variant that got you on America let go:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “,When you are fully vaccinated”, Guidelines on Covid-19, updated on 07/27/2021.

“To maximize protection from the Delta variant,” says the CDC, “and to prevent possible transmission to others, wear a mask indoors in public when you are in an area of considerable or high transmission. ”And where in South Dakota is the transmission sizeable or high?

CDC Covid data tracker: “Covid-19 Integrated Circle View“, Top of the screen of data for South Dakota, week of July 19-25, 2021, accessed 7/27/2021.

Six of our ten largest counties – Minnehaha, Lincoln, Brown, Codington, Lawrence, and Davison – and a total of 21 counties out of 66 should go back to indoor public hiding … because many of us were selfish and stupid.

We could have prevented that. We could have crushed the pandemic. Some of us tried, but many of you disregarded and discarded our victims because they were more interested in political poses. As a community, as a nation, we screwed it up.

And I’m supposed to feel bad for blame you idiots to bring the coronavirus back? Yes, exactly.

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