Amazon is selling a violent ‘Squid Games’ playset for kids

It may be Black Friday, but few parents are likely amused by this dark humor.

The hit Netflix show “Squid Game” has unsurprisingly inspired themed merchandise – although this Lego-like playset for kids takes things a bit too far.

A “Goldodo Squid Building [sic] Blocks…Fun Playset” of eight “popular characters” from “Most Popular Korean TV Movies” [sic] is currently selling on Amazon for $19.99, and promotional photos feature toy guards shooting action figures of characters from the series in the face. Marketed as the “best gift for squid fans,” which maker Goldodo is “confident your child will love,” the packaging claims the set is appropriate for kids “6 and up” despite the bloody positions of his figures.

The set featuring characters getting shot isn’t the only “Squid Game” product Goldodo is currently selling on Amazon.

Goldodo, which is likely not licensed to sell merchandise for the TV show, currently offers six games based on the show’s juggernaut.

A Netflix spokesperson told The Post “this product is not authorized by Netflix and we have no licensing agreement with Goldodo.”

Neither Goldodo nor Amazon immediately returned the Post’s request for comment.

The packaging of this toy is for ages “6+” despite the violent scene on its cover.
squid games toys violent
The TV show “Squid Game” has become extremely popular since its premiere on Netflix.
Netflix/AFP via Getty Images

These sets all feature figures made in the same Lego style and range in price from $18.50 to $35.99.

Other graphic products from the show that have made headlines recently include a famous TikTok “Squid Game” alarm clock that wakes up a drowsy by firing pellets at them.

squid games toys violent
The show has just been renewed for a second season.
squid games toys violent
In “Squid Game”, desperate contestants compete in a mysterious and deadly survival game involving several sets of childhood games to win a huge cash prize.

Merchandise from the Korean show – which recently lost its title as Netflix’s most-watched series to newcomer “Hellbound” – was also a hit this Halloween when Amazon abounded with everything from “Squid-inspired” tracksuits “to the guards.

The costumes’ availability didn’t imply their acceptability by the masses, however, a lesson Chrissy Teigen learned the hard way after hosting a “Squid Game” party that many online locals called “deaf.”

The event – which featured a maze staircase, bunk beds and large piggy banks filled with cash – was attended by a high-profile guest list, including ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Shay Mitchell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, but still received a lot of backlash for being a wealthy re-enactment of a show “rooted in the violence of capitalism.”

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