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A video of a 4-year-old makeup artist named Dakota is creating buzz online. The video shows her perfectly recreating the look of the character Pennywise from the IT horror film. There is a chance that the video will not only make you applaud his skills but also scare you a bit.

“So @paint_with_dakota got done with this one! 3 1/2 hours but she killed him (understand it), she turned into EATER OF WORLDS. She’s PENNYWISE. Her acting in that movie was soooo much. awesome, “the caption of the post shared with the video read. The Insta page bio describes her page being run by her dad.

The video shows Dakota giving a step-by-step guide to her makeup routine. What makes the video even more intriguing to watch is that the little one tells the process in a voice similar to the fictional character in the film.

We’re not going to give away too much, so take a look at the video:


The video, since it was shared, has garnered over 23,000 views and is counting. He also racked up tons of comments from people.

“I can’t get enough of her,” wrote one Instagram user. “INCREDIBLE AND TALENTOUS YOUNG LADY !!!! BUT I AM AFRAID OF PENNYWISE, & IM 38… & SHE ISN’T ??? ” shared another. “I’m coming to IG just to see who Dakota paints next… she just gets better and better in every video,” said a third.

A post with pictures of her makeup was also shared:


What do you think of the video and the images?

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