8 Zodiac Themed Games For Your Birthday And Celebrate In A Cosmic Way

Your love for knowing more about your zodiac sign has never wavered. It has been a constant in your life and in your group discussions where you send your best friends their horoscopes every morning. That’s why they offered to play zodiac themed games for your birthday and celebrate in the most cosmic way possible, even if you get together through Zoom.

Your best friends know that an astrology chart will speak to your beginning soul and launch you right into your next year of life. To take your party to the next level, they’ll likely send you gifts like a moon lamp, a diary where you can track constellations, or celestial-looking bath bombs. In the background of their video screens, you can see bright stars hanging on the wall, and maybe even images of the planets in your sign right now. You’ll probably want to spend five minutes admiring all the work they’ve done on your birthday and making it feel like it’s from another world. Then get the party started and dive into what you are so passionate about.

Without further ado, here are the eight games you should be playing with your team on your birthday. Each can be done on FaceTime or Zoom and will make your celebration as cosmic as possible.


“Cartoons of the constellation”

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Have everyone on your team pull out a nice notepad and pen. Then insert the names of the constellations into a random word generator. Have everyone take turns choosing a constellation and drawing it on their notepad. Whoever can name which constellation it is, wins the round.

Each astrological sign has its own personality traits, passions, colors and elements. And for “Star Sign Charades,” you and your best friends will be challenged to play them for other members of your party who are on your chosen team. For example, if you choose Leo, you can pretend to be a lion and look more raw on camera. Just be sure to play your chosen sign within a minute.


“Truth or Astrology Trivia”

“Truth Or Astrology Trivia” works very similar to “Truth or Dare” except that your choices are to tell a deep truth about who you fall for or what your favorite song is about. folklore is, or answer a difficult trivia question. Ultimately, it will be revealed who knows the most about astrology.


“Walking on the cosmic carpet”

How well do you know the zodiac signs of your favorite celebrities? This game is all about revealing the cosmic truth of your favorite characters on the red carpet. To play, a member of your party will need to volunteer to be the “host”. They will introduce each well-known celebrity as they arrive at the event and everyone will have to say “buzz” as quickly as possible for a chance to reveal that person’s zodiac sign.

Whoever is faster and has the correct answer wins a point. If you have the most points, you win a virtual prize such as an Instagram post declaring your victory, or a donation to a charity of your choice.


“A treasure hunt for the signs of the zodiac”

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“A Zodiac Sign Scavenger Hunt” focuses more on the elements of each zodiac sign than its personality traits. It starts with someone naming a sign like Aries, Gemini, or Pisces and then everyone rushes into their house to find an item that matches that sign’s element. For example, if Aries is named, it would make sense to grab a candle and then go back to your laptop screen. Whoever comes back first with a relevant item wins.

If you’re in the mood for a fun and imaginative game with your friends on your birthday, look no further than this. It’s all about creating the most ideal planet for your zodiac sign.

If you are Sagittarius you can tell that this planet still has free flights so you can travel 24/7. If you are a Taurus you can tell this planet is covered in high end clothing and places where you can read a book surrounded by plants. The only rules are that your story should be at least five minutes long, and you should be as creative as possible.

The moon goes through phases, and so do you. This game will allow you to look back on birthdays and memories of the past, and relive some of your favorite moments with your best friends. For this game, everyone has to prepare some old photos, either by finding them in their camera roll or by taking a screenshot of them from Instagram.

Once the party and this game have started, everyone should take turns showing their Birthday Queen “phase” and telling a sweet story from there. Spoiler alert: you will be laugh, have heart eyes and cry tears of joy.

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Especially if you have a long-distance best friend, you’re probably used to cooking on FaceTime or Zoom. Your birthday will take this experience and give it a cosmic touch, thanks to “Cooking Gone Cosmic”. For this game, everyone must be prepared with the ingredients to make cupcakes. Then, while you are chatting or chatting about your zodiac signs, you’ll want to decorate your treat with a cosmic design.

Everyone will evaluate the designs of the treat before choosing a winner and enjoying them at the same time. It’s a pretty sweet and cosmic way to celebrate your birthday, isn’t it?

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