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From high octane racing car football and pistol parkour to befriending multi-colored llamas, there is a whole new generation of mobile games that promise a wide range of adventures. These titles receive a lot of hype for their versatile appeal to players of all skill levels. So whether you are an avid gamer or a casual gamer, there is something on the horizon that you will want to try.

My friend Pedro: ripe for revenge

Release date: 5 August

Pre-registration: App Store | google play

The plot of My friend Pedro: ripe for revenge borrows from the classic cinematic genre of a one-person army with a “very special skill set”, as in the movie Taken – but imagine Liam Neeson as a masked banana-loving hitman. In the game, you take on the role of an anonymous protagonist led by Pedro, a husband, father, and a sentient floating banana whose family has been kidnapped. To save Pedro’s wife and children, you run, jump, swing, steer and skateboard through 37 side-scrolling levels, while eliminating enemies who want to “divide” Pedro’s family (game of words).

The folks at Devolver Digital said their team had been “Using” their phones prior to the wider release of the game, calling it “the craziest game your phone has ever seen. ” Ripe for revenge is a cute and free spin-off of the popular PC and console game My friend Pedro. If you really find yourself in this universe, you can also look forward to the next adaptation of the original game for an R-rated TV series in John wick creator Derek Kolstad.

Pokemon unite

Release date: September

Fans are already immersed in the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon unite since its release on July 21. But its mobile follow-up next month expands the game’s multiplayer online combat arena for added intensity. Pokemon confrontations. Given the popularity of Pokemon and the possibility of playing on console and mobile, Unite will appeal to new and hardcore fans of all ages. Game blog VG247 noted Unite could experience the same success as Pokémon Go if its touchscreen gameplay is comfortable and its multiplayer format is easy to follow, which gives it a “pass hands down on all these fronts”. They also rent Unite like The most important” Pokemon game since Pokémon Go. That says a lot, seen PoGo continues to be a huge hit even after five years, and fans still can’t let go of the game. Unite promises even more opportunities to be “the best like no one has ever been. ”


Release date: August

If you are looking for something more relaxing, you will appreciate Landscaperis a simple, satisfying and minimalist user interface. Game developer Oskar StÃ¥lberg describes the indie city-building game as “No goals. No real gameplay. Just a lot of building and a lot of beauty. That’s it.” There are no goals or narrative elements – just empty space waiting to be expanded via a few onscreen controls. Just tap a spot on the screen and the game’s algorithm dictates whether your action results in a bridge, road, house, tower, or whatever, as the structure extends perfectly with its surroundings.

It is particularly interesting to watch a urban designer plays the desktop version of Landscaper. “It’s really well thought out,” says Mikael Colville-Andersen in the video. “It’s, like, the original town planning here – the original format of the cities.” And PC player called the game “the perfect break from the stress of modern life”. With Landscaper providing a blank canvas for creativity on the go, it will be fascinating to see what mobile users come up with.

My time in Portia

Release date: August

There is no shortage of wellness simulation games. But as this review on GamesRadar writing, “My time in Portia swallowed me whole. ”When the healthy life building simulation hits the mobile platforms, you’ll be able to start all over again in an enchanting town named Portia. raise animals and befriend – or even hang out with. and marry – the eccentric inhabitants. Of course, you will have to roam abandoned ruins and fight in dungeons, but you can also feed, ride and tame adorable multi-colored llamas who wear trendy sunglasses. say more?

Disney mirrorverse

Release date: 2021

If there’s one game coming up that has frenzied fans, it’s Disney mirrorverse. The role-playing game reinvents iconic Disney and Pixar characters and storylines so you can play as your beloved heroes and villains in extremely badass power armor. The action-packed fighting game is still in beta testing in some regions, so the first reviews are still coming in and a launch date has yet to be confirmed. However, the game is line of action figures should already be released in August and September.

Rocket League side kick

Release date: 2021

For those who know Rocket league, you know how easy it is to get caught up in this fast paced car soccer video game. And for those who don’t know it, yes, you read that right: automobile soccer. It’s as chaotic as it sounds, and every match at the edge of your seat is an absolute spectacle of network physics. Matthieu Sholtz, a Android Police review which recorded nearly 1,000 hours of Rocket league gameplay, has so far enjoyed Blow to the side. “I thought for sure that I would hate the touchscreen controls in Blow to the side, and I’m glad I was wrong, “he said.” So don’t dismiss the game because it’s a mobile title. Controls hold their place. He said players can perform the same highlight moves as with the original since Blow to the side gives you the ability to boost, jump and double jump.

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