20 best coloring books for adults to relax and unwind in 2021

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Relax with adult coloring books

When was the last time you took a finely sharpened colored pencil and started shading an illustrated image that brought you joy? If you haven’t thought about coloring since kindergarten, you’re missing out on the comforts of such a simple, low-stakes hobby. Adult coloring books might not be self-help books, technically speaking, but they can do you a lot of good.

The many scientific benefits of coloring include relaxation and stress reduction. A 2018 study in the journal The arts in psychotherapy have even found that art therapy can help reduce pain and anxiety. Another reason adult coloring books are all the rage these days is that they provide a screen-less escape from reality that makes you feel like a kid again. And the beauty of this hobby is that there is no wrong way to color (read: you don’t have to be a skilled artist), so leave your self-judgment at the door.

Find a topic that piques your interest – you can take inspiration from the best books ever, books for your zodiac sign, books by female authors, and romance novels – then choose from these 20 coloring books for adults much appreciated. Most of these picks have well over 1,000 five-star reviews from happy colorists who have found peace in putting colored pencils on paper.

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1. Worlds of wonders by Johanna Basford

Best for: Fantasy lovers

Think of this book as your gateway to wonderful worlds you have only dreamed of. Johanna Basford’s mission is to inspire creativity, and her die-hard fans can’t get enough: the book maintains a 4.8-star rating with nearly 3,000 reviews. Enjoy the shade in the tree-top castles, floating islands and enchanted sea turtles that the talented Basford has hand-sketched. It’s a must have for anyone who can’t have enough fantasy books on their reading list.

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