18 games to play on Zoom

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, video software applications such as Zoom have provided many people with the ability to connect virtually with colleagues, friends and family. But while some might associate Zoom only with work-from-home activities, it’s proven useful beyond just conversations. The establishment of game nights via Zoom, for example, helps to make this new way of interacting with each other all the more interesting.

While keeping in touch with family and friends can seem like a daunting task during this time, there are plenty of fun games you can play on Zoom to keep things light and exciting. Whether you’re looking to let off steam with your colleagues after a long week at work or just looking to capture the spirit of a weekend get-together with friends, we’ve rounded up the best selections of games to choose from. Keep reading to find out which games would best break the ice in an upcoming Zoom catch-up call.

Games to play on Zoom with friends

  • Five-Second Rule – An opponent gives you a random word or phrase, and you must say the first three words related to that particular word that instantly come to mind.
  • Name, place, animal, things – Although traditionally played in person, you can easily translate the game into a virtual game. Choose a random letter and start a one-minute timer for everyone to find a name, place, animal, and thing that starts with that particular letter.
  • Guess the Song – Select a playlist and listen to the first five seconds of a random song, then ask other team members to guess the correct title based on the short snippet they heard.
  • All Bad Cards — An online card game reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Heads up! ($19, originally $20) – You can have fun online through the Zoom screen as one person holds their mobile screen and guesses the answer based on the other person’s clues.
  • Psycho! — This game uses the art of bluffing to the fullest. Download the application on your phones, select your questions and enter your answers; however, some of your answers must be wrong. Then it’s up to the group to decide which answers are real and which are made up.
  • Would You Rather — There are websites that generate interesting “Would you rather” questions for players.
  • Scibbl.io – Draw your heart and ask other teammates to guess what you drew.
  • Crosswords – You can play online multiplayer crosswords for free at Arkadium.
  • BFF Speed ​​Round – Ask your BFF how well they know you by curating a list of personal questions about yourself.

Games to play on Zoom with colleagues

  • Bingo Zoom-Conference Call Edition
  • Chess online
  • Online pictogram
  • Blood, Gold, & a Night of Jazz – Nothing will help you bond with your colleagues better than a virtual game of murder mystery.
  • The Escape Room ($32-$35+) – Suitable for office colleagues on Zoom, try to virtually escape from a room full of puzzles and puzzles.
  • Virtual Mystery Singer – Based on the concept of “The Masker Singer”, you can ask your co-workers to mute the video on the Zoom call and choose an alias for themselves. You can take turns singing songs, and the others have to guess who sang which song. You can also use the poll feature to decide the best singer of all. It’s definitely the perfect game to play if you used to have frequent karaoke outings with your team.
  • General Questions – Choose the topic that best suits the majority of the group and take turns asking questions based on the gender chosen. You can either design the questions yourself or generate these questions online.
  • Jackbox Games – These board games are perfect for friends, family and colleagues. Choose from a variety of games like Quiplash, Drawful, and more. You can buy these games individually or get them as part of a party pack.

Heads up!

18 games to play on Zoom

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