15 Best Board Games for Adults in 2022 – Fun Games for Gatherings

I’m sorry, but you know those people who say they hate games? They are lame. There, I said it. (*Cue Billie Eilish singing “I don’t identify with you.”*) Games are the best, and if you really believe there aren’t any fun games, that just means you don’t have haven’t found the right one yet. Your gaming soulmate, if you will. And if you fall into that category – or if you love games and just want more – it’s a damn good thing you made your way here, because I know some of the best out there.

Below, I’ve rounded up all the best adult board games you can get your hands on in the crazy year that is 2022. Some of them are steamy, many involve drinking, and all of them will get the party started. , whether you like it or not. . If you’ve never tried Drunken Jenga, Karaoke Roulette, or the Alexa-enabled Twister, prepare to be blown away, baby, blown away.

Scroll through this list to find your favourites, invest in pure FUN, then start alerting the group chat. There’s a party on the horizon and you’ll be playing games.

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If you’re not afraid to feel the burn

Mean Girls: The Party Game

Put yourself on the losing end, we’re celebrating! If your group of friends straddles the love line mean girls and don’t be afraid to roast yourself, then you’re going to want to *go get* that baby ASAP. To play, you anonymously answer outrageous questions about each other in your burn book… but at the end of each round, one person must reveal the answers they wrote down. The drama! It’s glorious!!!


If you are having a girls night out

For the girls

From the creators of What Do You Meme (another amazing game), For The Girls is all the sleepover games you and your girlfriends played in high school. But like, much hotter. We’re talking Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, charades — you know, the great ones — with a millennial, often R-rated twist. The best part? No boys allowed!


If you have a lot of players

The Jackbox Party Pack

I can say from a lot of experience that this game is crap. It can keep a party going for hours, no matter how many people are there. Each “pack” (which you can buy for just about any gaming device or from any app store) includes a bunch of super fun, easy-to-understand party games (short attention span , who?) Which can be played by up to 10 people at a time. Think: quizzes, doodles, puns, etc.

The best part is that players don’t have to be all huddled around a board – the only thing everyone needs is their smartphone as a controller (and just a web browser, no downloaded apps are necessary!), and a view of a central screen. Note that this game is NOT family friendly, in the best possible way.


If you’re not afraid of a hangover


The creators of this game make it very clear: this is for ages 21 and up only. Basically, it’s 250 cards designed to drive you crazy – you go around in a circle and everyone in the party drinks if they relate to the prompt on the card. It’s uncomplicated, like any good drinking game should be, and it always keeps you “hydrated”. Who brought the extra White Claws?


if you want to show those voices

Karaoke Roulette

Here’s how it goes: write the names of popular songs on tiny pieces of paper and throw them in a bag for people to choose from. Have attendees hum their song into one of these Bluetooth microphones for dramatic effect! If no one guesses the track in less than 30 seconds, they have to have a drink!


if you want to shake up a classic

Drunk Jenga

If you turn standard Jenga into a drinking game, it becomes a much more hilarious challenge after literally one round. Did you move the tower? Take a sip. Successfully get a middle block? Ask the person on the right to shoot.


If you’re feeling fancy

champagne pong

A v ~chic~ take on beer pong. Because we are adults now! The same rules still apply: try shooting ping pong balls into a cup at the other end of a table, but just replace the red Solo cups with plastic champagne flutes. It makes the game a bit harder and just a lot more fun.


If you want to fight

We have to go

Which would you rather eliminate forever, taxes or student loans? It’s like “Would you rather?” but ~high~ and will surely inspire heated debates.


if you like a good icebreaker

Two truths and a lie

Try this popular elimination game, but with a twist! If someone chooses the wrong lie, they have to take a chance. If they succeed in lying, the person who lied must drink! Plus, these shot glasses are so stunning, you’re going to want them in your home.


if you’re feeling bold

who can do it

Here is a game that is all about action. It has a bunch of different random “challenges” (unfollowing someone on IG, swearing in a foreign language) and your group has to see – wait – who can actually do it. Good time guaranteed. If you always picked “Truth” at college slumber parties, this is your redemption arc.


if you need to laugh

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity LLC.

A fucking classic. This game is hands down the best outlet to vent all your personal grievances with society and embrace a well-told dirty joke. Fight me on it.


if you want to get up close and personal


A certified Good Time™. This version is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so it announces the contortionist moves that players must then perform on the mat. Don’t you like technology?


if you think you are a comedian

Brilliant or BS? Anecdotes

It’s time to find out who the best actors at your party are. This trivia game requires you to work your way through all sorts of questions. The real challenge is whether your teammates will believe you actually know the answers.


if your friends really know each other

The voting game

Now, this one’s for when you’re hanging out with your tightest circle. Which of you gives the best hugs? Who would you like as a new mom? Put it to the vote!


if you want to embarrass yourself (a little)

Heads up!

This iPhone game is such a crowd pleaser. Something about recording your friends playing random movie/animal/pop culture references while you try to guess is unnecessarily funny. Plus, you can play it with another person or as 50. The choice is yours!

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