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While there is still some Harry Potter Wizarding World content in the Fantastic beasts movies, some fans might prefer a fantastic new book to take them to a different universe. However, while the Harry potter the books still hold up, there are other novels that can entice readers with quaint and endearing characters.

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From books that share the dark academic atmosphere of Hogwarts to new books on witches and wizardry, there is a huge range of options for fans to have fun and immerse themselves in for hours.

ten Nevermoor: Trials of Morrigan Crow

Nevermoor book cover;  The trials of Morrigan Crow

Neverland follows a young girl named Morrigan Crow who happens to be cursed and doomed to die on her 11th birthday. As her birthday approaches, she is taken to the magical land of Nevermoor and competes to become a student at a prestigious school for gifted children.

There are many similarities between the Morrigan Crow and Harry Potter books. For starters, these books take place over a year and feature chapters in which the characters celebrate Halloween and Christmas like Harry potter. The friendships formed are also reminiscent of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

9 Legend

Legendborn book cover

Legend tells of a young teenage girl attending classes at the university her mother attended before she passed away. At her new university, she realizes that she is able to see monsters invisible to humans and comes across a hidden society that claims to be the descendants of King Arthur and his knights.

The school setting and magical elements of this book make it perfect for fans of Harry potter. There are also references to powerful mages, like Merlin, which this book has in common with Harry potter. It is also perfect for young adult fans of Harry potter who love romance in books too.

8 Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

In The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson is a demigod who is the son of Poseidon. He is taken to the half-blood camp for the summer, where other children of the Greek gods learn to use their powers. At the camp, there is a prophecy that sends him on a mission to prevent a war.

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Similar to Harry Potter, this book follows a group of three friends as they are sent on a quest. Percy Jackson is also a series, and in each book the characters age and relationships are formed. The Lightning Thief is very unique from Harry Potter, but the similarities lie in the trio of friends, prophecies, and magical abilities that the characters possess. With the release of the new Percy Jackson series on Disney +, there’s a chance Percy Jackson will dethrone Harry Potter.

7 Guardian of the Lost Cities

book cover the guardian of the lost cities

Guardian of the Lost Cities is about a 12 year old girl named Sophie, who can read minds. She thinks that she is the only one who can do this until she meets a boy named Fitz with the same ability. Along with Fitz, she discovers that she is not human and comes from a different country that needs her help.

This book is often compared to Harry Potter because of the friendships between the characters and the concept of a young character being taken to a magical world. Like Harry, Sophie also has a lot of responsibilities and should save the world, despite being just a child.

6 Amari and the Night Brothers

Cover of the fantastic book Amari and the Night Brothers

After her brother goes missing, Amari discovers secrets in her closet that lead her to investigate what happened to her. Before passing away, he entered Amari in a competition at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Amari must compete with children with powers to win the competition and eventually find her brother.

Amari and the Night Brothers draw some similarities to Harry Potter while being a unique story. This story is more heavily focused on a mystery, but there are a lot of supernatural creatures like mermaids and wizards, which makes the world similar to the wizarding world. There is also a powerful villain similar to Lord Voldemort who threatens to destroy the world.

5 The worst witch

A young witch flying in a broomstick holding her hat

The worst witch follows Mildred Hubble, who is a new student at a witch school. Sadly, she’s not good at spells or anything else witches should be good at. This story follows her as she fumbles around in class, makes new friends, and tries to become a better witch.

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The school in this book is very similar to Hogwarts. There are many magic classes that Mildred attends that resemble classes at Hogwarts. There are even lessons on how to fly a broomstick, which might remind readers of Harry’s Quidditch lessons. However, as many similarities as there are, this series came out before Harry Potter, which makes it original.

4 A deadly education

Cover of the book A Mortal Education

El is a junior at Scholomance, a school for people with magical abilities who need to graduate to join the wizarding elite. In this school there are no teachers and the students have to work strategically together or against each other to survive, because failure at Scholomance means death.

A deadly education takes place in a dark boarding school, just like the Harry Potter books. Not only that, but there are tons of monsters roaming the school and the students have magical abilities. Much like Hogwarts, this school is totally dangerous for students, which makes it all the more intriguing and exciting.

3 Slaughter tests

Cover of the book The Slaughter Tests

Slaughter tests follows a girl named Wild, whose brother mysteriously died at a school called Shadowspell Academy. When her younger brother is invited to attend the academy, she disguises herself as him and goes in his place, refusing to lose another brother. In Shadowspell, she discovers a whole new world of magic and must learn how to survive it.

In this book, Wild finds a group of friends who help him adjust to a new world, just like Harry did. The protagonist is also a strong and intelligent female character, similar to Hermione Granger. There are unique houses in which the characters are sorted and the vibes of a dark and magical school.

2 Sabriel

An image of Sabriel's books with a mug on it

Sabriel is about a young woman who has the unique ability to communicate with the dead and rid them of the world of the living. After her father disappears, she sets out on a quest to find him in the Old Kingdom. As her mission begins, she finds herself the target of a dangerous enemy.

Sabriel recalls Harry’s last year at Hogwarts when he left school to find the Deathly Hallows. She begins the book in a magical boarding school and embarks on a life and death mission during her teenage years. It also shares dark vibrations that the Harry potter series a, like the living dead interacting with the living.

1 Zodiac Academy: Awakening

Zodiac Academy L'Éveil book cover

Zodiac Academy talks about twin sisters attending a college where fairies, vampires are werewolves are classified into different divisions based on their zodiac sign. In this series, the student’s zodiac sign really defines who they are. These twins have immersive powers and learn dark secrets within the academy.

This book is perfect for adult Harry Potter fans because this book is more mature. He clearly draws a lot of influences from Harry Potter but differs in that he has two views expressed. This book is also darker and more romantic.

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