10 best coffee table books on style and travel as a gift Canada

A well-thought-out library has never been more important. In the age of e-readers and audiobooks, the artfully organized stack of coffee tables are working harder than ever to add personality to a space (and a Zoom background), elevating a laptop to a more flattering angle. or break the ice of conversation as we welcome friends and acquaintances back to our homes. And, you know, they’re fun to read.

They are also a foolproof gift. We’ve rounded up the finest coffee table books for a variety of interests and aesthetics. Hours of inspiring reversal await you in these beautifully bound tokens of your affection.

AssoulineTulum Gypset by Julia Chaplin, $ 107, shopbop.com

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Part of the long series of travel books from art book publisher Assouline (which includes glossy tomes on Marrakech, Mykonos, St. Moritz and more), this linen-bound opus focuses on bohemianism. of Tulum, Mexico, whose lush jungles and turquoise waters are exactly the kind of images that will see them through a gray January afternoon.

Indigo ChaptersBallerina Project by Dane Shitagi, $ 57, chapters.indigo.ca

For more than 18 years, New York photographer Dane Shitagi has produced portraits of ‘in the wild’ ballerinas around the world, capturing the dancers in dramatic settings in Paris, Buenos Aires, Rome and, of course, At New York. Instagram sensation @ballerinaproject and now it’s a gorgeous book with over 170 images that are sure to inspire, even if you can’t tell your arabesque from your elbow.

AssoulineEstée Lauder: a good life by Jane and Aerin Lauder, $ 245, assouline.com

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Meet the woman behind the makeup empire in this appropriately elegant volume, composed like a (very chic) ​​personal album by her granddaughters, Aerin and Jane. Filled with personal letters, family photographs, and memorabilia from the company’s archives, it’s an intimate glimpse into the world of one of the 21st century’s brightest business minds.

Indigo ChaptersDiana: Icon of style by Dan Jones, $ 29, chapters.indigo.ca

Just in case The Revenge Dress on the cover wasn’t a giveaway, this blush-colored book is a celebration of the late Princess of Wales’ style, via a series of beautiful illustrations showcasing her most iconic looks – Chanel, Dior , Ferragamo – in all their glory in polka dots, ruffles, blazer and jeans. A perfect gift to overcome the royal guardian of your life until the next season of The crown in which this aspect of coverage figures prominently …

Louis VuittonEye of fashion: Paris by Feng Li, $ 71, louisvuitton.com

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Passionate collectors of Louis Vuitton’s impeccably cool Fashion Eye series, rejoice! Three new titles have been added to the rainbow-hued collection and, like their predecessors, each offers a unique glimpse into life in a world capital through the eyes of a fashion photographer. If you have to choose one, we love the mischievous humor of Chinese photographer Feng Li’s gaze on Paris, which transforms everyday life – tourists looking at the Eiffel Tower, cotton candy in front of a merry-go-round – into quirky images that are both surreal and familiar. Call your nearest Louis Vuitton store for availability.

Randomhouse PenguinRenegades: Born in the United States by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, $ 38, amazon.ca

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This book was born out of the conversations these two cultural icons had on a podcast of the same name. The weighty volume is filled not only with their discussions – on everything from democracy to rock and roll – but photographs of their personal collections and artefacts from their individual journeys through the public eye, like the handwritten lyrics of Springsteen and Obama’s annotated speeches.

RizzoliDead natures by Leslie Williamson, $ 100, chapters.indigo.ca

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This beautifully photographed book offers a glimpse into the homes and workspaces of some of the world’s most creative people, past and present. Think: Georgia O’Keefe’s studio in New Mexico, or the legendary home of painter (and sister of Virginia Woolf) Vanessa Bell in Charleston, breech hole for the Bloomsbury ensemble and the country-chic prototype by the following. Both inner inspiration and ‘habits of highly effective people’, this is an ideal gift for anyone looking to increase creativity in their own WFH space.

Hardie grantFeline astrology by Stella Andromeda, $ 20, amazon.ca

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Not all table books have to be very serious, as evidenced by this delicious – but also oddly useful – guide to feline astrology. Find out how your cat’s Scorpio sun sign can contribute to their insatiable urge to wake up at 4:30 a.m. each morning, or why being Aries determines whether or not they’re a kneeling cat. Note to dogs: there is also a canine companion for this book.

TaschenContemporary Houses by Philip Jodido, $ 95, nordstrom.ca

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Admire over 100 of the finest homes by some of the world’s best architects, built around the world over the past 20 years, in this ultra-luxurious volume. Turns out we want to live in a glass cube perched by a lake in the middle of nature ?!

RizzoliSeasons in Highclere by the Countess of Carnarvon, $ 54, amazon.ca

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Until you can take the Downton abbey lovers on your list of the actual castle where it was filmed, treat them to this fun insight into the rhythms of life at Highclere Castle, written by the Lady of the Manor herself, the Countess of Carnarvon. Filled with recipes, fun tips, and gardening / animal care / the good life tips, this one is an escape delicacy.

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