10 anime inspired by the comics

The world is in a superhero frenzy, but it hasn’t started recently. Since the early 2000s with hits like Spider Man and x-men, the world is obsessed with superheroes and comic books. However, it’s not just Western pop culture that loves The Avengers and Batman. These franchises and stories have migrated to places like Japan, leading to some of the most awesome collaborations in anime and comics.

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These anime take the core of the superhero mythos and blend them with the unique styles of visionary anime directors. These are welcome additions to the pop culture phenomenon.

ten Batman: Gotham Knight is Christopher Nolan meets anime

Screenshot of Batman in the Gotham Knight animated film

Batman: Gotham Knight is an anthology comic released in 2008 as an unofficial part of the Christophe Nolan Batman film trilogy. The anthology was a collaboration between Warner Brothers and various animation studios including Madhouse, Production IG, Bee Train and Studio 4C.

Batman: Gotham Knight is a series of shorts that took the grounded storytelling approach of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and combined it with the heightened visuals of the anime medium. With its unique twist of genres, Batman: Gotham Knight is loved by fans around the world.

9 Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Had Global Appeal

Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers Iron Man Wasp Hulk Thor and Captain America in anime form.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers is an anime television series produced in collaboration between Toei Animation, known for its work on A play and dragonball, and Walt Disney Company Japan. The series is based on the Marvel Comics universe and premiered in April 2014.

Widely used as a way to sell toys in the Japanese market, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers was aimed primarily at young boys aged 6 to 12. Although not the most acclaimed anime series, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers demonstrated the global appeal of a franchise like The Avengers.

8 Iron Man brought back a fan-favorite character

Anime Iron Man Anime Flight

Marvel Anime was a collaboration between Japanese anime studio Madhouse and Marvel Entertainment. Premiere in 2010, Marvel AnimeThe first series of was a 12 episode series after Iron Man in his trip to Japan to produce a new arc reactor power plant.

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Marvel Anime sees Iron Man take on one of his own suits gone rogue, piloted by Ho Yinsen with the help of a terrorist group known as the Zodiac. For fans of 2008 Iron Man movie, it was a welcome addition to the Iron Man mythos.

7 Wolverine already had roots in Japanese culture

Anime Wolverine

Next to Iron Man, Wolverine was the second 12-episode anime series to premiere as part of the Marvel Anime collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and the Madhouse studio. Wolverine has a long history intertwined with the culture of Japan, making it a prime target for an anime adaptation.

This slice of Marvel Anime saw Wolverine travel to Japan to reunite with his girlfriend, Mariko Yashida, and confront his father, a crime syndicate. Wolverine has often played the role of a samurai-like figure in the comics and this anime is no different, leading to a variety of stellar fights that fans love.

6 X-Men was perfect for an anime team

wolverine, cyclops and armor in the 2011 x-men anime

x-men was the third 12-episode anime series to premiere as part of the Marvel Anime collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and the Madhouse studio. The series follows shortly after the events of the Dark Phoenix Saga, which resulted in the death of Jean Grey. Mourning their loss, the remnants of the X-Men, including Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Beast travel to Japan to confront the U-Men. While there, they set out to save young Japanese mutants from Damon Hall Syndrome, a problem that would cause trouble for mutants upon their second mutation.

5 Blade continued the tradition of anime vampire hunters

Marvel Anime: Blade from Sony Pictures Television

Blade was the fourth and final 12-episode anime series created as part of the Marvel Anime collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and studio Madhouse. The latest anime series introduced the vampire hunter to the world of anime.

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However, it’s a well-known trope for anime fans who have their own beloved vampire-themed antihero in the form of Vampire hunter D. The psychics blend seamlessly as fans watch Blade battle the iconic Deacon Frost and a mysterious new organization of vampires known simply as “Existence.”

4 Heroman brought Stan Lee into the world of anime


Heroin was a Japanese manga created by Stan Lee in 2009 that ran for 5 volumes until 2011. The series was later adapted into an anime less than a year later by Studio Bones, now known for their work on hits such as my hero academia.

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Heroin followed an orphaned American boy and his toy robot companion called Heybo. When Heybo was struck by lightning one day, he transformed into a giant robot known as Heroman. Together, they decided to become Earth’s only defense against the evil insectoid aliens.

3 Batman Ninja was a refreshing change for the old franchise

ninja batman is a 2018 Japanese anime film directed by Junpei Mizusaki and animated by YamatoWorks. The animated film saw the titular Batman sent back in time to feudal Japan where he faced off against his most iconic foes in traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Alongside him, Batman was joined by Catwoman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin himself. Together, they journeyed through foreign lands to defeat and vanquish Gotham’s most dangerous criminals, now seated as feudal lords. ninja batman is generally well regarded by fans and seen as a much-needed attempt to bring a unique take on the DC mythos.

2 Marvel Future Avengers introduced new characters to the Marvel mythos

Marvel Future Avengers Team

Marvel Future Avengers is a multi-season anime that was created in 2017 as a collaboration between Madhouse studio and Walt Disney Japan. Based on the Marvel Comics Universe, the series followed three teenagers who were raised by Hydra to become supervillains and defeat the Avengers.

Each possessing their own unique ability, the three eventually realize Hydra’s manipulative ways and set out to join Tony Stark and the Avengers. Marvel Future Avengers is poorly rated according to sites like MyAnimeList, but generally seems to be popular with its younger fans.

1 The Reflection was Stan Lee’s last anime

The reflection

The reflection was a 12-episode anime series produced by Studio Deen and co-created by writer Stan Lee and director Hiroshi Nagahama that premiered in 2017. The series was heavily inspired by the iconic works of Stan Lee during his time at Marvel and sought to create a new superhero mythos for Japan’s anime fans.

The reflection follows a variety of characters, including X-On, I-Guy, and Eleanor Evans, following a mysterious event called “The Reflection” that gave various people around the world incredible superpowers.

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